Toyon's uncooled thermal infrared camera (UTIC) longwave infrared (LWIR) camera is designed to provide thermal video for applications spanning television broadcasting and surveillance. The camera offers a core resolution of 444x250 for broad US export compliance*, native UTIC resolution scaled to 720p output, and offers a digital, progressive HD-SDI output far superior to analog formats in terms of picture quality. Additionally, the camera includes a variety of monochrome / isothermic / colorized video output modes and is available with different field of view/lens configuration options.

*For export to certain countries Toyon may need a US Department of Commerce license.

Select Features:

  • 1x HD-SDI output supporting 720p60, 720p50, 720p30, and 720p25 formats
  • 1x analog output supporting both NTSC and PAL
  • 75Ω BNC connectors
  • Onscreen display (OSD) via joystick control
  • Tripod mount and four hole plate mounts
  • RS232 access to Tau core via FLIR Camera Controller GUI