Tracked Object Manager

Toyon has developed a unique approach to feature-aided tracking in order to manage the effects of kinematic uncertainty in multi-target environments. During kinematically ambiguous periods of surveillance, track switches and track breaks become prevalent as the tracker attempts to sort out the association of multiple sensor measurements to multiple tracks that may be tightly clustered in the surveillance region. Mistakes made by the tracker during these periods of ambiguity can disastrous to the overall tracking system as collected signature databases become corrupt and the identity of targets-of-interest (TOIs) becomes uncertain. Toyon's Tracked Object Manager (TOM) algorithm supervises the association decisions of the tracker to detect and correct mistakes as they occur. To achieve this, the TOM exploits signature data collected "on-the-fly" to fingerprint targets during periods of unambiguous surveillance. Following periods of ambiguity, this signature data is used to resolve ambiguities and to correct the potential mistakes made by the tracker.

tracked object manager

Toyon has applied the TOM to multiple challenging tracking problems and has demonstrated vast improvements in the ability to maintain pure and continuous tracks as well as pure target signature databases during periods of tight target spacing and significant gaps in sensor coverage.

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